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Beauty So Ancient

Jan 19, 2020

Sometimes when we want to suffer for our Lord, we are drawn to external mortifications and penances like self-flagellation (whipping), wearing hairshirts and cilices.

Why is that?

Two reasons - first, we want to go hardcore and in our minds, whipping yourself is EXTREMELY hardcore.

The second reason, is one we might not like admitting.

Maybe we find it easier to self-flagellate than to restrain ourselves from answering an insult?

Dom Scupoli, in his book, the Spiritual Combat, suggests some other penances that we might do instead of, or in addition to, any external mortification.

In this podcast, 

IN THIS EPISODE: 5 Penances Catholics Can Do Instead of Self-Flagellation

  1. Silence & retirement;
  2. Humility & charity;
  3. Patient endurance of the greatest injuries;
  4. Render good for the evil of your enemies;
  5. Take care to avoid the smallest faults;


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